Travel guarantees

The travel guarantee obliges the public transport companies to do their best to ensure you reach your destination in time.

Should delays or other problems occur, the public transport companies are obliged to:
• Provide you with the best possible information regarding what has occurred
• As soon as possible provide you with information on alternative modes of transport or alternative routes
• If possible, offer alternative transport

If the public transport companies cannot offer alternative transport, you are entitled to get your documented expenses for taxis and/or the use of private car or other alternative modes of transport refunded under the following conditions:
• If you are 20 minutes delayed on a travel lasting less than an hour, you can get refunds of up to NOK 550.
• If you are 40 minutes delayed on a travel lasting between one and three hours, you can get refunds of up to NOK 825.
• If you are 60 minutes delayed on a travel lasting more than three hours, you can get refunds of up to NOK 1100.
Expenses in relation to parking and toll fees are not covered.

On travels lasting more than three hours, where the delay results in you not reaching your final destination until the following day, you may get your actual accommodation expenses covered. This must however be approved in advance by the public transport company you intend to use or are using at the time of the cancellation or delay.

In order for you to state your claim, you must fill out and send us a travel guarantee form or a written enquiry within a month after the incident. We will get back to you as soon as possible and at the latest within four weeks after receiving your enquiry.

When does the guarantee apply?
The main rule is that the travel guarantee always applies. If the deviation is pre-announced, or you know, or should know, that the cause of the delay does not lie with the public transport company, we cannot offer you a refund.

The travel guarantee does not apply if the delay or cancellation is due to force majeure. Such circumstances could be e.g. extraordinary weather conditions, unforeseen problems with the road or other traffical conditions, official orders or bans, strikes and lock-outs etc. Additionally, the travel guarantee does not apply to consequential damages caused by the delay, such as a missed dentist’s appointment, business appointment or flight departure.


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