Corona virus: Reduced bus services

For the time being, the bus services in Sogn and Fjordane is reduced as followed. 

  • School bus service: The majority of school bus services are canceled until further notice as a result of closed schools.
  • City bus in Førde and Florø: All city bus departures night to Sunday are canceled. This applies for departures from midnight to 04:00.
  • Airport bus in Førde: All departures are canceled from Wednesday 18 March and until further notice. This in connection with the closing of Førde airport.
  • Safely Home service/Trygt Heim: All departures are canceled until further notice.

Changes have also been made to several individual lines. This applies to the following bus lines:

  • Line 601 Førde-Florø
  • Line 702 Byrkjelo-Sandane
  • Line 153 Sogndal-Gaupne-Fortun
  • Line 101 Øvre Årdal-Sogndal
  • Line 102 Øvre Årdal-Årdalstangen-Fodnes-Lærdal
  • Line 103 Sogndal-Håbakken-Borlaug
  • Line 111 Øvre Årdal-Årdalstangen-Seim
  • Line 131 Lærdal-Sogndal-Vik

Details of these changes can be found under Trafficmessages

Please note that there are Easter routes on bus and boat during Easter.

Information will be updated continuously.

The timetables can contain errors for the time being. We therefore encourage travelers to use the travel planner and check traffic announcements before they leave.

For updated information about express bus, go to or


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