Terms and conditions for public transport by bus and boat in Sogn og Fjordane

The following provides information on the terms and conditions for public transport services by bus and boat internally in Sogn og Fjordane. These terms and conditions apply to all operators.

Note: As of 1.1.2020 these terms and conditions apply for travel by bus and boat in the part of Vestland that was formerly Sogn and Fjordane county.

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- Vy, former Nettbuss Express
- Nor-Way Bussekspress
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Please note: As of 1.1.2020, Vy and Nor-Way's terms for travel that cross the county borders, also apply to journeys that cross the former county borders between Sogn and Fjordane and Hordaland.

1. Customer categories

Category Definition
Adult Person aged from 16 years to 67 years.
Children From age four up to and including 15 years.
Children under four years travel free.
Senior and disadvantaged persons Person with valid senior card or discount card for deaf-blind persons, and cohabitant, spouse or registered partner (pursuant to the Partnerships Act) when these persons travel together.
School pupil and student

1.Pupils in elementary and secondary school.

2. Fulltime students at university college or university in Norway or abroad, from age 19 up to and including the month the student turns 30 years of age.

3. Adult whose mother tongue is not Norwegian, is younger than 30 years of age, and is receiving tuition in Norwegian and social studies at least ten hours weekly for more than three months, or refugees younger than 30 years that are participating in the introduction programme.

4. Apprentices and training candidates on full-time who follow the requirements of Lov om opplæring, chapter 4.

Escort/companion Escort/companion to person(s) who can present a valid escort card/companion certificate.
Military Military conscripts with valid ID.
Mini-group Boat 2-11 persons travelling togehter that buy and adult ticket on board or from sales and ticket office.
Group Boat 12 or more persons travelling together. Does not apply to senior.
Group Bus Two or more persons that buy a group ticket to the same bus stop destination, at child or adult fare for all travellers. Minimum distance: nine kilometres, with the minimum price equal to the minimum fare rate.



2. Fare rates and discounts

The adult fare is the basis for calculation of a discount. Only one type of discount permitted per ticket.

Category Discount
Adult Adult fare
Children Children under four years travel free. Children aged 4-15 years pay a child fare, which is half the adult fare.
Senior 50 % discount on single trip tickets.
School pupil and student Bus 25 % discount on single trip tickets and 40% discount on periodic travel card.
School pupil and student Boat 50 % discount on single trip tickets.
Companion/escort Free.
Military 50 % discount on single trip tickets.
Mini-group Boat 25 % discount on adult fare.
Group Boat 18% on adult- or child fare.
Group Bus 25 % on adult- or child fare.
Disadvantaged w/ID Express Boat 50 %
Disadvantaged person w/spouse Express Boat 50 %
Blind persons Express boat  50 %


3. Products

3.1. Periodic travel card

  • The periodic travel card is personal property. It is applicable for one adult or one child for a specific route in Sogn og Fjordane for 30 days from the date of purchase, with unlimited number of journeys.
  • The Student periodic travel card may be purchased by students and school pupils and provides 40 % discount, see point 1.
  • The Kombi periodic travel card applies to bus travel in combination with passenger ferries in the Flora basin and provides 25 % discount, in addition to the standard periodic travel card discount on buses and passenger ferries.
  • The price of the periodic travel card is provided in the fare table for local buses.
  • You must show documentation, see point 4. Valid travel document, when purchasing or topping-up the card.

3.2. Value card

  • Can be used instead of cash, and is valid as payment for all passenger travel on buses and boat services in Sogn og Fjordane in Vestland county. Does not apply to vehicles carried on ferries, nor travel with Vy.
  • The value card is not personal property, which means that several persons can use the same value card.
  • The value card offers 17 % discount when the card is used with tickets costing more than the minimum fare for adults or children.
  • Minimum deposit for the value card: 300 kroner. (Minimum NOK 1000 for Norled).

3.3. Youth card

  • May be purchased by persons between 16 and 20 years, and persons starting upper secondary education from 15th August, who will reach the age of 16 during the year.
  • The youth card is valid for unlimited numbers of journeys in Vestland, for 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • The card applies to all collective travel* within in Vestland county. (* The youth card does not apply to private tourist routes by bus, boat and ferry).

3.4. Senior card boat

  • May be purchased by all persons that are 65 years or older.
  • The card is valid for one calendar year.
  • The owner of the card pays a set, discounted price per passage on Norled’s express boats in Sogn og Fjordane, regardless of distance travelled.
  • With first-time purchases, the card must be ordered from Norled’s customer centre at Strandkaiterminalen (wharf terminal). The card can be renewed here and on board the ferries.
  • The card is the personal property of the person named on the card and cannot be used by other persons.

The card only applies to Norled’s express boats. It may be used daily except Friday afternoons and Sundays in the direction of Bergen, and does not apply to invalidated days such as Christmas, Easter and Whitsun.

3.5. Family package boat

  • For one or two adults and children under 16 years travelling on express boat.
  • Each family package may cover up to five persons.
  • A separate minimum rate applies where a family package is ineligible for use.

3.6. Mini-price return trip boat

  • 50 % discount on the return of a return trip ticket with express boat.
  • The return must be completed within 3 weeks after the outbound trip.
  • The return trip may not be used on Friday afternoons to/from Bergen and Sunday afternoons in the direction of Bergen, or on specific invalidated days in connection with public holidays
  • A separate minimum rate applies where the mini-price is ineligible for use.

3.7. Airport bus (Flybuss)

Separate fare rates apply for adults and children on the airport bus to and from Førde Airport Bringeland and Sogndal Airport Haukåsen.
The periodic travel card and youth card may be used on the airport bus; other discounts do not apply here.
Local passengers who are not travelling to/from the airport pay the normal fare that applies for local bus travel.

3.8. City bus (bybuss)

Separate fare rates apply to adults and children travelling on the city bus in Førde and Florø.
Tickets bought on the city bus are valid for one hour from the time of purchase.

4. Valid travel document

In order to have the right to transport you must have a valid ticket, on a travel card or a ticket issued by the driver. When requesting a discount you must provide documentation that complies with applicable regulations.

The following are considered valid documentation:

Discount Documentation
Children Valid ID with photo and date of birth. Examples are a passport, bank card with photo, or a student card with photo.
Senior Valid senior card or discount card for deaf-blind person(s).
School pupil and student

1. Valid school pupil ID from upper secondary school with photo.

2. Student ID with valid school term stamp and photo.

3. School pupil ID that shows personal ID with photo, name and date of birth, name of course organiser, course location and confirmation of course date.

4. Display of signed learning contract/training contract from or physical copy of learning/training contract, together with bank card with photo, driver's license or passport.

Companion/escort Valid escort card/companion certificate.
Military The Norwegian Ministry of Defence's identity card (FD-ID). For call-up travel, the call-up order applies as documentation.


5. Freight

5.1. Goods transport

The operator of the service may transport goods against freight charges, providing there is space available.
Live animals may not be sent as goods.

5.2. Prams/pushchairs

Prams/pushchairs may be taken with the bus at no extra cost, providing there is space available.

5.3. Bicycles

Bicycles may be taken with the bus at the cost of a child fare, if there is space available.
Separate rates apply for bicycles on ferries, and space must be booked prior to travel.

5.4. Dogs/other animals

  • Dogs may travel on local bus routes at child fare, unless the driver believes the dog(s) may cause damage, problems or discomfort to other passengers.
  • Dogs/other animals are not permitted on NOR–WAY Bussekspress and Vy routes in Sogn og Fjordane County. We draw attention to that the ban also applies to travel within Sogn og Fjordane with NOR–WAY- and Vy.
  • Police dogs accompanying police officers or sight dogs accompanying blind persons are permitted.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash during transport and restrained in a manner to prevent disturbance to other passengers.
  • Animals that are aggressive, or disturb passengers in other ways, may be removed from the bus during the course of the transport.
  • Space for dogs on express boats must be booked prior to travel.

6. Deposits, refunds and fees with use of cards

6.1. Deposit

The initial purchase requires a deposit of 100 kroner to cover the cost of the card’s production.
All cards that are no longer in use may be returned. The deposit of 100 kroner will be refunded, providing the card has not been damaged or ruined.
The deposit is refunded by the company that sold the card to the customer the first time. The exception is the Youth card, where the refund may be obtained from all participating carriers.

6.2. Refund for the different card arrangements with remainder/surplus time

Youth card and periodic travel card
A commenced period will not be refunded. A full refund will be made for a non-commenced period.

In case(s) of illness
A refund is given equal to 1/30 of the periodic travel card per day for the commenced period where the card has not been used, but not if this is less than 10 days.
A full refund will be made for a non-commenced period.

Value card

The card may be redeemed. The value of the card is refunded minus a deduction of 10 %, or maximum 100 kroner, for administration costs. The same applies to the card if it is lost, providing the customer can document ownership through a receipt and/or card number. Unused value cards that are handed in are refunded in full with the amount paid in on the card.

6.3. Fee

If the card has been blocked due to misuse, or the owner of the card requests that the card is blocked, a fee of 100 kroner is charged to reactivate the card.

6.4. Technical defect

If a card has a technical defect, the remaining value and deposit is paid back without any deduction for administration costs.

7. Validity

The terms and conditions apply to buses and boats in Sogn og Fjordane in Vestland county.
The terms and conditions are decided by the Executive Committee for transportation, and apply from 01.07.18.

(Customer category School pupil and student ​updated with effect from 01.07.2019).

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