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Discounts and terms & conditions on buses in Sogn og Fjordane

Below, you will find information on discounts and terms & conditions that apply to bus travels in Sogn og Fjordane.


Minimum rate NOK 31.

Children pay minimum rate NOK 16. Children between the ages of 4 and 16 pay half the amount of an adult rate. The amount will be rounded up to the next whole krone. From the day you turn 16, you pay adult rate. Children below the age of 4 (limited to two children per adult) travel for free when accompanied by an adult (min. 16 years of age). Children who travel alone must be of school age and must be able to take care of themselves.

You are allowed to bring up to 20 kg of regular luggage free of charge. If you wish to bring luggage weighing more than 20 kg, this is subject to available space on board, and you will be charged NOK 2 per kg., regardless of travel distance.

Prams can be brought without extra charge.

If there is available space, bicycles can be brought for the same rate as children, minimum NOK 16.

Dogs / animals:
Dogs/animals are not allowed on NOR-WAY Bussekspress’s and Sjukehusbussen’s services in Sogn og Fjordane. Police dogs accompanied by uniformed police, or service dogs accompanying someone who is visually impaired, are allowed.

You should be aware that this prohibition applies where NOR-WAY Bussekspress are responsible for local services. On other local services, dogs are allowed, unless the driver judges the dog to be of harm, nuisance or inconvenience to other passengers.

Tickets can be bought on board the buses, and may be paid for by use of cash or card. As of now, most buses only offer the possibility to pay by credit card, but solutions are under way to make it possible to use debit cards as well. If you have an invalid ticket, you must pay double rate, minimum NOK 300.

Single travellers within the county need not make seat reservations.
Groups of more than 9 people must contact the bus company to make seat reservations in advance.
For journeys with Nettbuss Express in our out of Sogn og Fjordane you may have to buy a ticket in advance on

Conscripts (corporals and privates) and personnel from the Norwegian Civil Defence get a 50 % discount when showing their military registration book or call-up papers. Uniformed conscripts showing their military registration book obtain a 90 % discount when travelling with express buses, but get only a 50 % discount on any possible ferry- or toll charges that are included in the bus ticket. Minimum rate NOK 31.

Concessionary discount:
The concessionary discount equals a 50 % discount off of the regular adult rate. The amount will be rounded up to the next whole krone. The concessionary discount applies to persons over the age of 67, as well as disabled persons who qualify for a National Insurance disability pension. It also applies to persons travelling together with someone fulfilling the above-mentioned criteria. On express bus services crossing the county border, the discount is 33 %.

Group discount:
If two or more people travel together, and buy a ticket together to the same stop, they qualify as a mini-group, and will hence be given a 25 % discount compared with the rate for a children- or adult ticket.  Groups of 9 or more (with a joint, pre-booked ticket) will be given a 33 % discount if the ticket is ordered at least 24h prior to departure. The group discount only applies to travellers paying regular children- or adult fare. Minimum distance is 9 km with a minimum price equalling the minimum rate for a regular adult ticket. Discounts for conscripts, concessionary discounts and/or discounts for pupils/students are not to be included in such a group discount. Ticket rates where ferry tickets, bridge- and toll fees are included, shall always be rounded up to the nearest sum in the rate regulations.

Discounts applying to pupils and students:
Students and pupils in the lower and upper secondary schools get a 25 % discount on an adult ticket. The amount will be rounded up to the nearest whole krone. A student discount will be given to students enrolled in a study in a vocational school, a university college, a university or in the Adult Education Association either in Norway or abroad. You must show a valid student card with a photo and a receipt for paid semester fee.

The discount is not applicable for short term evening courses, language courses and adults in full time work, with the exception of courses in Norwegian language with social studies. The course must last for at least 10 hours a week for more than 3 months, with a course certificate, that show the person’s identity with photo, name of the course holder, where the course is held and the length of the course.

Companion discount
A companion to a disabled person travels for free when showing a companion proof. The right to free travel does not include travels across county borders.

Value card/period card/youth card
See separate pages for information on the different travel cards used in Sogn og Fjordane.

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